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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 17, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the wildfires sweep down on interstate 15 we could hear the clink of the shells hitting the ground would to describing yesterday's terrifying shooting and chattanooga this as federal authorities confirms this is an investigation of terrorism here in the bay area apprehension at businesses located near military recruitment centers it is scary to think about for another scare such a question in the south bay what massicot bus fortis campers and hikers to evacuate a popular park is a the fourth hour of your choice for prime time news. male announcer:this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news evening starts now: >>catherine heenan: the wrecking news tonight are raging wildfire burned at least five homes and torched 20 cars once again a
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small grass fire exploded and has burned more than 3,500 a. the evening everyone he has been watching this has been an incredible scene. >>scott rates: the fire blew up this afternoon 2,000 a. to 3,500 a. in no time very scary situation are listed for the people on the freeway right now we do know five homes have been burned another 50 home or in jeopardy of being burned right now firefighters find the whole of the five of the conditions there would drive 45 mi. an hour winds are not helping the matter a terrifying sight on interstate 15 in southern california. >>scott rates: flames are shooting hauler of several car but a 5 a. brush fire has burned homes and destroyed at least 20 vehicles damaging to and others. the fire started just after 245 friday afternoon and spread quickly the flames burned
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a the cajon pass the fires and down interstate closed the seventh five cars was stuck on the freeway at the time the fire jumped on to those lines driver to run for their lives meanwhile mandatory evacuation have been put in place for the surrounding homes with no one to two engines and attack planes and helicopters and six tankers are working to battle the blaze. >>catherine heenan: shot and killed in chattanooga we are learning more about the shooting and how police stop killer witnesses have been coming forward some describing the unbelievable sight of a man and his self and verbal po suddenly lifted up a rifle they say and opened fire we are seeing a new dramatic video of bachelor out. >>: he started shooting and that before the sudden drop the clip of put and the one hand and it back and forth springtimes and then he pulled off will slowly.
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>>catherine heenan: they chased them as he drove several miles to a navy reserve center crash into a metal gate in shooting and killing four marines the suspect soon made his intent his cowardly homicide intend to clear the gunman mohammed was armed with several weapons including an ak-47 type rifle and several party round magazines. >>: they did not hesitate engage that person that gunman immediately aggressively that gunmen not struck once had no police officer with gunfire as he went down 15 mentor responding equally as aggressively can to his aid they put their hands on him drive to and from one of the gunfire and a return fire and share the view was safe the gunman remained
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engaged. >>catherine heenan: is being handled via joint fbi task force this is an investigation of terrorism the investigation to terrorism are at an intense and higher level than a normal criminal investigation the computer and other material from the killers home in the chattanooga suburb right now his communication devices are on the airplane as i speak. of going to speak >>: there will be looked very closely for any information regarding any foreigner corrections. >>catherine heenan: here in the bay area people say they are concerned about security and local recording offices like the one and chattanooga they're often in busier reflection of malls would talk to people who work near some local recording
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centers and she joins us live with the concerned >>reporter: where and when other shopping centers where the recording center is one local you could see just how many people are here and live to be concerned the recording senses are laws in place their highly visible. >>reporter: the brutal murder former rains and attack on a military recruiting office that happened before are even more frightening she works right below the recording operas and alameda. >>emily turner: no one in the
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recruiting office will talk to us on camera about what happened but they're all aware of it, even still their doors wide open with a shocking no one that reporters are not allowed to carry weapons would have a security guy that walk around but i believe that is not enough security as much as we need right now expected to help protect them. >>: but i did not feel as much safe as you probably should with the security we have. >>emily turner: on the note about whether or not the people who ran the recruiting offices can be on the debt is something the u.s. military is now looking into if, as they but they made earlier there will be discussing it at least it is a discussion reporting live in alameda. >>catherine heenan: the shooting and tennessee of course this is rice security concern
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ever proven center they're back with us they're changing anything? >>scott rates: right wave their lot of concern out there for all of these recruitments centers across the country the military prisoners are trying to prevent another deadly attack heavily- armed nypd guarding u.s. military personnel recruiting station and times for an offense apartment is under some pressure from the white house to show action on beefing up troop protection you also might remember a recent one from the fbi after the ices threats out there calling for a lone wolf attacks on july 4th holiday that did not happen by goodness. >>scott rates: what had happened so far but the fbi said they were able to stop several potential plots the day house homeland's security committee chairs of what about the ongoing threat the crisis. people >>: asking what keeps me
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up at night will keep me up at night and one case we do not know about because we do know about a lot we do know a lot about the individual in the communications going on in the united states but this one. we,. >>scott rates: the fbi said the chairman of the rampage will be treated as an act of terrorism and there will be investigated that when. >>catherine heenan: we are learning more about the four marines were killed including the final word from one of the marines to his girlfriend as the attack began his nose of friends as skip talk to as a your friend about a trip vichy book to come sitcom and chattanooga and one. his and her message sank at the shoulder that was the last time she heard from him he was a georgia native who joined the military who followed his family footsteps' the other victims who won the purpleheart and had been doing these and sgt the
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decorated marine from wisconsin the husband and father of two staff sergeant today his father talked about his son. >>: he joined the marine corps for a patriotic he was a little scout and is always tried to do the right thing he found his calling in the marine corps we're stunned does happen like this the country lost four fine young man yesterday is a great loss for the country. >>catherine heenan: his son worked hard and was taking care of young marines why he served three terms of the overseas and saw the police manhunt not only led to the suspect but to a much bigger catch $16 million worth of marijuana san jose police
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joined sure deputies and a was rate at alum rock park to close this fall about 7000 plant from the legal grow operation also to semiautomatic guns 30 children who were at a summer camp nearby the have to be quickly evacuated. >>catherine heenan: they raided the alamo park the search for the other two men use in one had been taken into custody but the search for the other to call off when the deputies real stop working in that area of the to men on the run were last seen running into the foothills. >>catherine heenan: they are criticizing the sheriff over the department's policy not to communicate with immigration officials without a warrant or a court order. the deputy sheriffs association said they believe the policy led to a san francisco sanchez what happened only once before he was arrested for the pier 14 murder of kate steinle. >>: board of supervisors did not
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speak so he acted without control he clearly has his own interpretation of what the ordinance should be but obviously the city has that interpretation of the ordinance. >>catherine heenan: he was not available for a statement but he did call for a hearing with the board of supervisors and the mayor to clarify that policy. >>catherine heenan: paulo out the police are investigating what they are calling a hate crime that happened earlier this week he is live tonight at police headquarters and have the details. >>jeff bush: it was about the time of night on wednesday night and hispanic male was going to pick up his car with part of our brains tree on the 400 block of bryant and mel was going toward and saw three white man standing near his car and a quintupling there were making racially charged remarks at him
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police said he ignored them and tried to go into his car. >>jeff bush: mistakes of video and you concede the composite sketch of two of the suspects police said one man jumped on top of the victim and started beating him in the back of the head while another one stabbed him in the late with a screwdriver,. >>: first suspect was described as a white male in his mid-20s approximately 5 ft. 10 to 6 ft. tall and build he had a beard and a short beard and a second individual was approximately 510 to 6 ft. clean shaven mid 20s or early 20s and the third individual was approximately 5 ft. ft. then build and he was last seen wearing a baseball.
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baseball >>jeff bush: police said the three guys took off after the attack the victim the office of the hospital is expected to be ok if you and i think about this give them a call. >>catherine heenan: ahead and talk about christmas and historic ship and a winery waterfront view also memorial tonight for the young football player killed in the confrontation with police later the drought that has drawn attention to just how much water is too much we are following the breaking news and southern california and out of control wild fire mrs. byrne homes and destroyed cars we will have the latest coming up after this break.
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>> catherine : we're all supposed to be conserving water during the droughtbut just how much? an example-- you have to use a lot of water in the east bay before you get in trouble: a thousand gallons a day. kron 4 kate cagle looked into the numbersand found that thousands of people are still hitting the limit. >> : about a thousand people, these letters to come back on water or face penalties. a
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single man living at home uses 36 gal. a day. we were shocked that he had a long way to go to be tantalized penalized. >> : we determined that the average person. >> reporter: in alamo almost 900 people received a letter to cut back on water. >> : if we have customers to
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reduce their water use will be ok. >> reporter: less than 2 percent of the customers have to cut back. >> catherine : these letters just went out to about 5 thousand people - warning them to cut back or face a penalty. this is the water bill of a colleague at kron 4. you can find tips on conserving water and more information on how much water you're required to save in your community. >> reporter: 3 mi. per hour in
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fremont. we're gonna be cool for the next two days. it's can give as high pot clouds in place. we will have showers on sundays. the hurricane is also causing more sure as well. by tomorrow mostly cloudy conditions and the '60s. tomorrow to be five degrees cooler is. in the east last scattered clouds. 66 degrees in
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the richmond area. temperatures are cooler than normal. san francisco should be about 68. it's gonna be pretty warm and humid the next couple of days.
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>> catherine : view is coming to the port of richmond.but with this new addition.something historic must be moved aside. the world war two ship "red oak victory" is docked at the port. and in order for the winery owner to get the view he imagined from the tasting patio.the ship must be moved. with some reluctance - city officials have agreed. saying that more people on the port will be a good thing. as kron 4 news continues. vandals take out their aggressions on people with autism. and a neat app for getting a doctor. >> reporter: now's the time to download out our add-app. a
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great feature you could see light stream of our newscast. kidnapping is easy to his coach to go will play or apple store. make sure you allowed push alerts so that your kid notification drive away.
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>> catherine : if the flu or other bugs have got you down or if you have any questions about measles or other medical our tech reporter gabe slate shows us a service that can conect you with doctors in a convienent and affordable way. >> reporter: doctors on demand is a website and a mobile app that let's you video chat with real licensed doctors from the
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comfort of your home through your computer, phone, or tablet. it's part of a new trend catching on called "tele=medicine" dr. phil has researched this new service offered by doctor's on demand and recommend's it. >> dr. phil: getting an appointment with a doctor can take 2 weeks or longer >> reporter: with this you can be chatting with a doctor in under 2 minutes. these web consultations cost a flat $40. $40 to connect with a doctor. that's a great deal co-pays can be that much depending on your insurance. you can use the service for all non emergency symptoms. so anything cold, flu measles phunomonia lactaction consulting for new mothers sports injuries anything medical related the doctors can write
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prescriptions. . they also have phsycologistsavailable for any mental health issues. this offers a way for people suffering from depression or other problems to get help from home with very little effort. going to see a therapist in person can be intimidating. >> catherine : still ahead at eight. we'll show you how she's unapologetically showing off her moms. coming up: bowe rapid >> reporter: park station police officers are response bill bill >> : i'm black and i the only person feels like i know i'm breaking >> reporter: the next edition of people
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>> catherine : a very frightening scenario in fremont when a pair of grandparents were held at gunpoint for their gold jewelry. they were out for a walk with their five year old granchild when the robbery occurred. neighbors say they feel that their friendly neighborhood is getting targetted by criminals from outside the community.
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>> : there is a lot more incidents happening in this area. >> catherine : investigators have little information on the suspects and are still on edge. and later for ballplayers honor of the life of a man that died. >> reporter: the weather coming up next
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>> reporter: we continued head report on the wall fire. several cars with flames shooting on the sides of bumf-them. the road
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had been closed for several hours. we know that this 3500 brush fire is threatening homes. there's a lot of manpower that's trying to control the fire. all indications are that this fire is not under control. so far no serious injuries. >> catherine : nearly two weeks after a 19-year-old san jose man was killed by police in pleasanton. his friends and family are coming together to remember john deming the high school
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where he was a football stand- out. kron four's philippe djegal is live at piedmont hills high in san jose -- where the teenager fondly known as "bubba" is dearly missed. " fully >> philippe: you could see that this stance have filled out nicely. he touched a lot of people. the moral starts at 8:00 . he played varsity football. the past year he pursued a career in music.
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>>: they keep calling and low burglar. it is not his character we all know why he was there. he's never had that behavior. he was tough on levin perfect sound. >> philippe: he was shot to death by police. police say that he was aggressive. the dimming family says his son is not a violent person and that this is out of the ordinary for him. the
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family has hired a high-powered attorney. >> stanley:watch as the cyclist blows throught a stop sign on haight street at cole in dan francisco, followed closely by two san francisco police officers from park station >>: were not here to give even taken ok if. we just want you to be safe. you're required by law to stop
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>> stanley:we want bicylist to be safe so were not here to give you a ticket we just going to let you know whats going on ok so here is a flyer ok it breaks down the bycle laws in san francisco we just want your guys to be safe we wjat the pedestrians to be safe and also the drivers of cars were not singleing anyone out i looked when i was crossing but you're required by law to stop . what up with that? so i guess i'm a that now. anyway, park station officers are trying to make it safe for everyone but to do that everyone must follw the rules of the road from drivers to cyclist and >> stanley:it's been an uphill battle to get cyclist to follow state law as it relates to the rules of the road, many believe they shouls be exempt because their bikes are not killing machines like cars so as they run stop sighs in the haight officers are educating bicylist that unless they change their ways offiers might start handing out tickets >> : nats: i don't want the cameras on me thank you do you run stop signs all the time >> stanley:what interesting to notice is that tourist almost always follow the rules of the road when cycling around . but our resident locals often refuse to this rider blew throught the stop sign but let see what he has to say
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so im with channel 4 i saw you just blew throught the light why not just stop when i bike i always look both ways and if there cars i just keep going im black and im the only one that gets pulled over it feels like i know im breaking the law but everyone else breaks the law so i feel like there is some unequal enforcement of the law >> : dispite all his ranting he too time to admit. i got caught behaving badly >> stanley:hashtag respect! funny thing is riders refuse to stop for stop signs and red lights which is against state law but get annoyed when you ask then why they do it >> : nats: i don't want to talk to >> stanley:soon tickets will be handed out but what get me is that cyclist are upset that they are simply being asked to follow the rules of the road . >> catherine : the lawyer for vallejo kidnapping suspect matthew muller says his client suffers from bipolar disorder. the attorney says he plans to use his client's mental state as part of his defense. kron4's maureen kelly talked to a criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor.
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he says the courts have set a high standard for defendants trying to use an insanity defense. >>:a lawyer who says his client suffers form some psycholigical disprder is nothing new it happens all the time especially where there is a lot of evidence against him but unless it fits the defination of insantiy it's not a defense in a criminal case >> reporter:legal expert jim hammer says muller's lawyer would have to clear a lot of hurdles to get his client a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity. >> reporter:the arrest warrant affidavit states that the former
8:37 pm
marine told investigators that he suffers from gulf war illness.had problems with psychosis and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008.hammer says a good defense lawyer will still try and get a jury to hear that.but not without a fight from the prosecution. >>: when it comes close to the trial there're gonna try to bring in some psychological evidence. and then there and get the jury did feel bad for the gaffe. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news >> catherine : state police say a former convict shot five people during a rampage across several northern maine towns today before being captured. they say a man was assaulted and guns were stolen before the shootings began. police also believe the suspect set fire to a barn last night. 35-year-old anthony lord was
8:38 pm
arrested without incident at a family member's home. he's facing murder charges. >> catherine : boeing is warning its airline customers worldwide that flying bulk shipments of lithium-ion batteries can cause fires capable of destroying the planes. the rechargeable batteries are used in cellphones.laptop computers.power tools.and other electronic devices. they're often shipped as cargo on international flights. the international civil aviation organization is trying to come up with safer ways to package the batteries. >> catherine : someone letters with adult toys. >> reporter: cooler temperatures expected tomorrow.
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will have whether coming up next
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. >> reporter: we just learned that the fire is now 35 percent containment. a good portion of the fire is still out of control and still threatening houses. fire fighters are getting a better handle on this we will continue to fall this.
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>> catherine : images of a young man seemingly full of contradictions. as a boy, happily posing with and this high school yearbook. >> reporter: here is where we expect for the weekend. the weekend will be cooler. sunday and monday we expect showers.
8:43 pm
here is your fog and tracker. san francisco we lab cloud cover and lots of sun. san francisco rise 68. here is your 7 day forecast.
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>> catherine : and ran a check out the background of the chattanooga shooting. ♪♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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>> catherine : did he act alone. or he was inspired by someone? investigators say that's the big question about the gunman in the who knew mohammad abdula-zeez say they never expected this. >> reporter: full of contradictions. as a boy, happily posing with his younger sister. and this high school yearbook picture. with a chilling quote: "my name causes national security alerts. what does yours do?" back then he was known as a funny kid, witty, well-liked. later- he got involved in mixed martial arts. an aggressive
8:46 pm
fighter in the ring. contradictions - but few clues-- as to why mohammad youssuf abdulazeez would target two military sites and kill four >>: "there were tears in my eyes. he was one of the nicest kids we trained here." >> reporter: his martial arts coaches, along with his high school wrestling coach, and several friends have spoken to cnn. they describe abdulazeez as hard-working, jovial- with a great sense of humor. >>: "he was always very polite, very kind, he was humble when he was in high school." >>: "i mean that kid never frowned. he always smiled, shook my hand. how you doing. i never heard him cuss." >> reporter: friends say he came from a family. but a 2009 divorce complaint filed by abdulazeez's mother alleged that his father, youssuf abdulazeez, repeatedly beat her-- once so severely that she "fled the marital home and went to a crisis center." the complaint says the father was occasionally "physically and verbally abusive" toward their five children. the divorce case was dismissed. the couple is believed to still be married.
8:47 pm
abdulazzez and his family are said to be devout, but not radical. one coach said he'd often interrupt practice- to pray. that coach says after one martial arts match abdulazeez's father was upset. >>: "a friend of his father told us that it was 'haram' in islam to strike another person in the face." >> reporter: but for this devout muslim, a d-u-i arrest in april of this year -- the officer reporting abdulazeez smelled of alcohol and marijuana. had a "white powdery substance. under his nose". abdulazeez claimed it was crushed caffeine pills he snorted. abdulazeez worked for a short time at a magnet and wire company, 'superior essex'. after getting an engineering degree from the university of tennessee-chattanooga. jordanian government sources tell cnn, he visited his uncle in jordan last year. still, there are no tangible clues on what might have turned mohammad abdulazeez into a killer. >>: "there was obviously nothing on him that would show me he was upset about something."
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>> reporter: >> catherine : a former friend says abdulazeez became distant after a recent trip to the middle east. and just three days before the shooting, a blog with a name similar to his encouraged people to follow muslim leaders who fought in jihad. the bloggers' username is "m-y- abdulazeez", but it's still not clear if he wrote it.
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>> reporter: we know that saturated fat raises our ldl. or bad. cholesterol levels. which can contribute to heart disease. >>: poly unsaturated fatty acids are fats that / are beneficial because they help to lower the bad cholesterol, they help to raise the good cholesterol and they also help to improve your triglyceride levels. and all of those are markers for heart disease. >> reporter: but if all of this fat talk is still a little confusing, with too many rules to remember. then paige recommends a simpler method to use when choosing fats. >>: just ask yourself, is this a whole food? is this something that was around when my great grand parents were around? and does it come from a plant? if you can answer yes to all those questions, you know it's a healthy fat. >> reporter: for today's health minute i'm ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪♪♪]
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>> catherine : reporter has the story for you. >> reporter: taking care of this board requires his parents to tap into some super powers of their own. >>: is quite a challenge. i have no idea why he is sane and he has no idea what i'm saying . >> reporter: last night we discovered someone else had a message of their own.
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>>: he will start your he will struggle for the rest of his life in these people are making fun of him. >> reporter: they just might get the word out of optimism. >> catherine : we finally have a great image of the planet plutol . they say that little has been really illusive and it's worth the money. how does the
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weather look for the weekend. >> reporter: sun it we have a chance rain as well as for monday. and we're going to hit the '90s again on monday. we're going to have warm temperatures in the bay area. >> catherine : here is the wall fire that is still burning. we know that five homes have been
8:57 pm
burned. it's been hot and dry in windy. its cause a lot of problems. la more at the 11th
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